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Russ – Let Me Know lyrics

Love let me know, let me know

I said as soon as I figure out this puzzle
No no no no no no
You're just let arrive
Take your seat

As soon as I figure out Russ
The quicker I can figure out this puzzle that I struggle with
Penthouse dreams, basement realities for the point to cash
Should I pace myself gradually
Goddamn love give me a sign
Give me your words, give me your sight, give me your mind
'Cause I'm feeling blind death and dumb
I saw this on the lean shan please let me run
With these beats I can speak to the freaks and the nuns
The rich, the poor can't you see I'm the one
With this real shit, and I hate to fuck and say
Do you feel this, yeah
Just let arrive

Let me know, let me know, let me know
It's my mother fucker real thing yeah

I dream better with my eyes open
I sleep better with my life it's been awaken
Then I might leave the light soon
So you could see I'm focused
This game has a play so all I see is logos
Then most of you but I just hope the world can see what I see
Hear what I hear, breathe what I breathe
It's so far fresh idea, but at least I have a year
At least I have it, at least I have it
Maybe I can work a little imagine where are the rabbit
Maybe I can turn a little passion to a palace
'Cause after all I'm standing on the three point line wide open
Pass the palm mother fuckers

Let me know, let me know, let me know
Is that alright again
Yeah yeah

Before the sun comes up I gotta love love love
I started when I pray like... Got
Please don't take it personal I just feel out of place
My mind is just a vehicle I'm running out of faith
But please I believe I see the reason that I
Keep on breathing in my freedom that's why, that's why
I'm gratefully dead to the life of the impossible
I never thought I guess so high of the obstacles
I know it's gonna pay off and it's... It's gonna be the comical
And when I put my mom someone tropical
These other allusions keep on moving tryin to fuck me up
Where's the forty glover when you need it in this lucky cut
And I wonder if they party up and having screaming lucky us

Let me know, let me know, let me know
Yeah, I wonder if they party up and having screaming lucky us
Love, let me know
I just let it out
Love, let me know, let me know
Love, let me know, let me know

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