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Rugrats – On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go lyrics

Go! What be goin on over here?
Coming through top speed you better stand clear
Oo! You better beware or step somewhere
We 'bout to blast outta here excitement!
Yes I hope you know we come through
To cause choas like Darth Vader
Turn on your radar
On the downhill racing I'm holding my head
The situation that we parel on the torset
I am Reptar hear me roar!
I am Reptar the King of Dinosaurs!
O ya but sure I done but dirty
Still racing downhill like we doing a buck thrity
Ha! Oh my name is Herby (Herby)
The race car going inside the demolition derby (derby)
Reptar you must be really losing a screw
Becuase I think we losing control so what we gonna do?
Tell me what we gonna do
Check it!

What are we doing and where we gonna go!
So fast its gonna blow dry your ass hole!
Get out the fast dramer says your moving to slow!
On your marks, get set, ready, go!

[Verse 2:]
I told panic
We don't get no static from downhill
Crazy rides running through 50 traffic
Ha! Made it dramatic
Plus I'm not really had it with situations like these
I better make it a habit
I am Reptar the perfect childrens toy!
For every girl every boy
I know they overly joyed
So fast I hear the wind whistling
Faster than a missle then
Ha is you listening?
In a minute we'll be soon to be arriving
Strive to put an end to all this reckless drinving
I don't mean to bore you but
I am Reptar and I will destroy you!
Just like an image
Before we end up diminished
I hope that we can slow the pace down before the ride finish
Reptar you must be really losing a screw
Becuase I think we losing control so what we gonna do?


[Verse 3:]
Hold it!
Where we going?
Whats happening here?
Where we going?
Whats going on Reptar?
Ahhh! Ahh!
Whats going on Reptar?
I'm losing control here!
What happening?
Everybody put on your seatbelts
We need to angle this situation the right way
So that we can handle the situation the right way
What does it take?
Wonder what will happen if we press this button
Press the stop Reptar
He started shooting fire
How many things are there around for us to destroy?
Maybe fire isn't the best idea for a childrens toy
Reptar I think you really losing a screw
Cuz we losing control again so what we gonna do?
Check it!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, go!
On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, go!
On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, go!

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