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Rostok Vampires – Do You Think It Could Be Bad lyrics

Or should I be a friend
These are reflections of mine
By time about a feeling
Of bad'n'fine
'bout reason to run
From right to wrong
I feel so glad
Do you think it could be bad...
I feel so sad
Hey you
My potential friend
I don't want to follow
You deal better if you won't believe
That shit no more
Another one
He's just waiting
Gimme help
Give me strength
My eyes blast away
What about you dude
Who do you think I am
What would you suppose for me
And my life?
One day
I'll believe what I once knew
Into my blue eyes
I never try to believe in plaudit
I don't want to hear it no more
You've got to fight for freedom
You've got to fight for your rights
Will justice ever concur
To your death
Past or future
Here or there
Shelter comes in words from you
You loose no more
Your country is lurking
Out for war
Try to believe in your thoughts
Sometimes it's better to compromise
Sometimes I feel like a bad boy
Find myself sinking
Find myself mad
I feel like a little fucked up toy
Me and answers...
One day I'll believe in what I love
I see with my blue eyes
Blue law
I never try to believe in profit
I don't want to hear it anymore
You'll get a dream
For a bad new time
With the best
You waste your budget
Past or future
Here or there
Shelter comes in words for you
Find myself
Thinking 'bout my self
But don't really think I am a trailer
Sleeveless striper rage
Kick your teenage pride
Don't ask why
Just start today
I kill my teenage pride
And realize I stay
You get a dream for a bad new time
I think you'll wake up dry
Do you think it could be bad

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