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Rory Gallagher – If I Don't Sing I'll Cry lyrics

You broke my heart
But you opened up my eyes
Yes, I've been a fool
Now I realize

If I can't walk, I'll fly
If I can't sing, I'll cry

I hit the ground
Made me feel a whole lot better
Ain't no sense for her to go
Well how can I just let her

Now if I can't walk, I'll fly
If I can't sing, I'll cry

You broke my heart
Put tears into my eyes
You must go your way
I know how fast I've crashed

Well if I can't walk, I'll fly
If I can't sing, I'll cry

If I can't walk, I'll fly
Well if I can't sing, I'll cry
If I can't sing, I'll die

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    Denise Jayne Wilden
    Who was the woman who broke his heart? This is a really sad song, comes from deep inside, he is bearing his soul at how hurt he is. Did she know what she had done to him? Was she aware? Had he made his feelings known to her or was she oblivious to his pain because he hid it so well from the world? I'd like to give him a big hug just to try to ease the pain. Only someone who has had their heart truly broken can understand what he is saying in the lyrics. You have to read between the lines, its not just words to a song, Rory didn't write "hits" so all the lyrics he wrote have special meanings for him, but this particular song is far more poignant than others of a similar vein - Wheels Within Wheels is one in particular also Can't Believe Its True, you have to listen to what he wrote, how he wrote it, read between the lines and actually see and hear what he is saying. Rory was a very sensitive soul, Pisces are very sensitive people and I believe Rory was a "true pisces".
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