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Rollins Band – Wreckage lyrics

I take a look around me and it makes me mad
Another friend of mine in rehab
Try to pull himself from a plastic bag
Says he got himself out just in time
He's callin' from the Halfway House he says he's doing fine
Says his friends woulda let him turn blue and die
Someday becomes yesterday

You gotta take it on the Black Train, Jack
Your life goes and crawls away
You can't even feel the fire burnin' your back

Her boyfriend left her broken and alone
Her mother found her just in time
She took some pills and crawled to the death zone
She strapped to a bed in psych ward doin' fine
Aww girl, what happened, what happened, what happened to you

What's goin' on? What's goin' on?
Someday becomes yesterday
Your life goes and crawls away
You're walkin' hand in hand with a death trip
You can't even feel the power in it's grip

Sometimes I wanna take you by your shoulders and shake you
You've got to open your eyes, man, how long will it take you
Shot down and neutralized, man, what a case
What's goin on? What's going on with you?
Runnin' through life blind, man, what a waste

Someday becomes yesterday
Your life goes an crawls away
What happened, what happened to you?
You've got to take it on the Black Train, Jack
You can't even feel the fire on your back

Don't wanna go blind in the wreckage
I don't wanna die in the wreckage
Don't wanna go down in the wreckage
Don't wanna get stuck in the wreckage
The wreckage is all around me
Sometimes it's all I can see
The human wreckage, the human wreckage
To you, I say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, bye-bye, bye-bye

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