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Rocko – Good lyrics

[Intro: Rocko]
Good, good, good, good
You that good, good
Good, good, good, good
Rocko fuck wit me
Good, good, good, good
Good, good, good, good
She got that good, good, good, good

[Verse 1: Rocko]
That's good news, I'm gettin' money
Keep good goods, come shop with me
Hustler, that's automatic
Just a good guy, with some bad habits
Can't lie, we have a good time
I catch a good one, and tell her good bye
Gave her somethin' to eat, she ate it all
We made a good movie, rated are
Good noise, that's good music, no Kanye
I'm on the runway, [?] learjet
Round trip, that's a good check
Gimme gimme, good and plenty
Opp, good as any
She gotta do, what he will do
She want a Superman, I hit her with that yule
Said sometimes, I tap on that too
By one she was saying sometimes
She a bad girl, she a good bitch
I mean a good girl, bad bitch
Same thing so it's all good

[Hook: Rocko]
Good, good, good, good
She got that good
Good, good, good, good
Good, good, good, good

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
She got that good I think I love her
But all good pussy ain't good for you
And I can't believe it's not butter
And when I'm in it, I see the light
But a blind man gave me advice:
Don't believe in love at first sight
I don't fuck, I make love
You can't be mad at passion
I close my eyes and let magic happen
She swallows all of my battery acid
I'm smoking on that good
She got that good, good
And I'm a good fella
What more can you ask for?
That's a good question and why?
Crazy bitches got the best pussy
That's why I'm still fuckin' my ex pussy
I swear
It's so nice I had to say good twice
But all good things had to come to an end bitch
Good night

[Hook: Rocko]

[Verse 3: Rocko]
Good Ice Cubes on me, yea, today gonna be a good day
My [?], my [?], keep good work, I making good pay
Getting good money, got good game
Got good scent, got good brain
Every time I see her it's a good thing
Came from my [?] in a good way
Good head, got good pussy
Goodness grace she getting gushy
She look good, she a good look
Give a good [?], get a good [?]
Good hair, try to pull it out
Young mvp, I can't pull her out
She a good sport, supposed to play good ball
She a good catcher, good Lord
On my Goodness for goodness sake
She in good shape, but got a good shape
Say she get off work between 6 to 9
I know the day, I'm filled with 6 to 8
Good head, got good dick
She a bad girl, she a good bitch
I mean a good girl, bad bitch
Same thing so it's all good

[Hook: Rocko]

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