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Robert Tepper – No Easy Way Out lyrics

We're not indestructible.
Baby better get that straight
I think it's unbelievable,
How you give into the hands of fate.

Some things are worth fighting for,
Some feelings never die.
I'm not askin' for another chance,
I just wanna know why?

There's no easy way. There's no shortcut home.
There's no easy way out, givin' in can't be wrong.

I don't wanna pacify.
I don't wanna drag you down,
But I'm feelin like a prisoner.
Like a stranger in a no name town.

I see all the angry faces,
So afraid that could be you and me;
Talkin about what might have been,
Thinkin about what used to be.

There's no easy way out. There's no shortcut home.
Ther's no easy way out. Givin' in can't be wrong.

Baby, baby we can shed this skin...
We can know how we feel inside.
Instead of goin' down an endless road,
Not knowin if we're dead or alive.

Some things are worth fightin' for.
Some feelings never die.
I'm not askin for another chance,
I just wanna know why?

There's no easy way out. There's no shortcut home.
There's no easy way out givin in, givin in can't be wrong, no.
There's no easy way out. There's no shortcut home.
There's no easy way out, there's no easy no easy way out.

(Repeat and fade)

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  • u
    This has always been a powerful and inspiring song for me. Everytimei hear it, it reminds me that to achieve a dream, a goal, you have to be willing to put in the time. When you're tired, take a break but not a hiatus. It's symbolic. In order to achieve anything that means the ability to feel self fulfilled and understand what you love, essentially means to give it your all. Don't let anything detour your focus! :)
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  • d
    David Bonte
    This song is giving me powers, power of will, power to hold the difficulties of life in my hands. This difficulties are going to crush you down, but there is always a hope, a motivation to go further, fight for love and those who you love. Step out the dark, get into the light, share happiness, give a helping hand, seek for fortune as the childhood sounds. Singing like a whistle into your mind, because the world you were in, flyes, over the unseen lands, the unknown. Feel the shining sun, throught black tinted windows, off the depression. It's all about it, to get strength, given by wisdom, the skill to survive and go on, train your resistance, feel the heat, the air, the fresh smell of good life going on and keep it. Take the revenge and forget about the problems, grow up enough to take responsibility of your actions and deeds, to take care about the consiquences which could change your or someone else life, and this essence of song is existing in almost every song of the decade, it's a cultural movement, go swim into it, let yourself to be carried by the stream, the stream of inspiration. Enjoy it.
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  • u
    Never give up, and people give up(give in) all the time so its not wrong but if you want something your going to have to work for your not just gonna be able to take the easy way out. And if you let it pass by trying to take the easy way you could end up like all the anrgy faces looking back wishing you could have actually worked for it and succeed.
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  • u
    It comes down to choosing when you are going to go down the road less traveled. When you choose to go after what you want no matter the odds. Realizing that the questions of 'what could have been' or 'what might have been' are not worth a life of opportunity to waste and have to look back in frustration or even anger like the song says. This song says so much more.
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  • u
    Bunch of bananas, stop talking like kids inspirated in old films and be more realistic, it feels good to think to keep going forward about our dreams, but. Keep repeating the same thing that we always heard in movies ("never give up, follow your dreams, etc etc") look more like a catholic pray repeating the same thing for ages, come on people, try to invent a better agument. Those things like, "keep moving on on your dreams", "never give up", etc sound more like giving advise to a real losers.
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