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Richgirl – He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho) lyrics

Play the keys, Rich
Play the strings, Rich

Hey, Hey, Hey

[Verse 1: Lyndriette]
First things first lemme tell you how I feel
Cause yeah, it's official and yeah it's all real
And yeah, he my man and yo, yeah I'm feelin' it
But boy, you so cute tonight, the two ain't got to trip

Cause oh,
He ain't with me now tho [x3]
He ain't with me

Cause I can be prim and proper standing by
And play my position, but tonight I need to shine
So yeah, I'm on a mission, it's been a long time
So pour that 808, keep it drippin' on my spine

Cause oh,
He ain't with me now tho [x3]
He ain't with me

[Bridge: Seven]
Don't want to feel like I'm inside a cage
So much is on my mind, no time to waste
And even though I know this is real love
Tonight, just watch me, watch me, watch me
Shake shake off the handcuffs cause I can't wait

Hey, Tell your man you need some space
Turn your phone off, put it away
Don't worry, he'll be straight, don't wait
Hey, one more bottle, we're gonna be faded
Pull the pin and throw the grenade
Don't worry, he'll be straight, don't wait

Oh! Wiggle wiggle wiggle girl [x4]

[Verse 2: Brave]
I know how you feelin' girl, I've been there too
How everything lovely and he takin' care of you
So let's make a promise, keep the drinks comin'
Whatever I see ya do, girl I ain't sayin' nothin'

Cause oh,
He ain't with ya now tho
He ain't with ya

And when I'm with my girls it's the same type of trust
When we get to pimpin', and bouncing on up
When time bombs ticking, start talkin' mess
So dance a little closer, that's why I wore this dress, cause oh

He ain't with me now tho
He ain't with me now tho

Watch me dip it down low
Watch me dip it

[Bridge: Audra]


Don't worry, he'll be straight, don't wait
Don't worry, he'll be straight, don't wait!

Oh! Wiggle wiggle wiggle girl! [x7]
Shake shake off the handcuffs, I can't wait


Them was the damn strings, Rich

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