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[Verse 1: T. I.]
You know what it is, pimpin' king in the building
All about the millions, no time to play with children
Call me when you grown up, n***a, I'm an owner
Them Ferraris doin' doughnuts on the corner
I went for mine, nickels, dimes, choppers,. 9s,. 45s
Went to prison, did my time, got back out and still I shine
This year is mine, n***a, give it up, step aside
I'mma ride 'til I die, all bullshit aside
Think I'm faking? Come and try - just prepare to be surprised
If you lookin' for some drama, it's my pleasure to oblige
We believe in the now, what I rep I be about
That's the reason why I'm hot, from a little to a lot
I ain't asked for permission, I just mashed for a minute
First the business, then the cash, then the club, then the b*****s
Stay your a** out the kitchen, it's too hot, s**t, you not
Know you n****s gettin' mad cause you see I'm gettin' guap

I'm just makin' my way, we can parlay
I'm so about my business, 'bout that money always
That's how we do it all day, all day, all night
We can do it all day, okay? Alright, alright
I'm just makin' my way, we can parlay
I'm so about my business, 'bout that money always
That's how we do it all day, all day, all night
We can do it all day, okay? Alright, alright

[Verse 2: Birdman]
Lost on this island, n***a
Deep in this ocean, n***a
Money and power, n***a
F**k 'em, we focused, n***a
Fu***n' these models, n***a
Game, we roped it, n***a
Flowers and bottles, n***a
Get it and smoke it, n***a
Yeah... Stunna Man game plan
Mastermind, 100 mill' n***a, in my hand
Landin' in the sand with the pork, n***a
Mussolini business, we came up, n***a
Gave the game to my lil' n***a
Real n***a, kill or be killed n***a
You know a deal is a deal, n***a
And them houses we build, n***a
Business is business, homie
Cause we be the business, homie
Yeah, this is Su Wu business homie
See we get it and flip it, homie


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Two white girls in my bed, one still up, one asleep
I'm on the balcony smokin', on the phone with my girl
She like: "I know somebody over there, cause n***a
You never go on the balcony"
What's poppin'
I'll make you bow down and welcome me
I played my cards right and your girlfriend dealt with me
Mama, I'm a m**********r when I get the alc' in me
But I just popped a Perc
And you know can't mix that medicine with alcohol
Don't get yourself involved
I see you pussies getting old - menopause
Too much p***y on the road - I'm homesick
Ak-47 right under my armpit
We them n****s that they act like - get the facts right
Cat-eyed Benz, cat-eyed Beamer, cat fight
Cat-eyed b***h in a cat suit with tattoos
My swag mean, n***a - bad dude


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