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Rewind – Can't Touch This lyrics

[Hook: J. Soul]
I don't care if you getting money
You can't touch this
I'm the baddest brrr
You can't touch this
Probably living with your mama I don't need that drama
But me I'm that girl trapped in Rewind's world
I don't care if you getting money
You can't touch this
I'm the baddest brrr
You can't touch this
Saying the same lines to every other dime
But me I'm that girl trapped in Rewind's world

Yea that's my girl, Trapped in Rewind's World
You see ha with my shirt counting money like a clerk
Call it clock work getting paid every second both hands
I be that stack and she my rubber band
Just know we tight, so bright the sun hide at night, frighten
Pound for pound (ahhh) Mike Tyson
Leave a scar on your face it aint a tattoo
Stop monkey-ing around you baboon
Lost one of your senses you can't touch
Playing games you in trouble, you still can't touch
No one gon help you
Fucking with my queen that's a bad chess move
I'm about to check execute
Cut your arms off make you do a hand stand
Eyes clicking you gon hear a big bang-bang
Man of my words ya looking at the wrong dictionary
Blueprint of ya death, make ya play your own pictionary


[Verse 2:]
Short on time my watch like a midget, envelope I lick it, slave I whip it
Fucked up my apple tree nothing but leaves
Won't be able to breath knock down all of your teeth
The news, they mail it, I'm wavey, I sail it
Make a sweater out of your flesh yes I'll kneed it
Nigga you fried where you work at mcdonalds?
Hook hit you hard and you bruising pronto
Tooth fairy better pray you get a wish
Cooking in the kitchen scaling off your fins
You aint self-fish, you fish-made
Calling shots you D-Wade?
No need to de-lay always on that p-tra
Penetration, Rewind's occupation
Pussy niggas on their menstruation
Barf on a track need some type of medication
You feeling like the shit but me I'm sanitation


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