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Rent – One Song lyrics

One song glory
One song before I go, glory
One song to leave behind

Find one song, one last refrain
Glory from the pretty boy front man
Who wasted opportunity

One song he had the world
At his feet
Glory in the eyes of a young girl
A young girl

Find glory beyond the
Cheap colored lights
One song before the sun sets
Glory on another empty life

Time flies, time dies
Glory, one blaze of glory
One blaze of glory, glory

Find glory in a song that rings true
Truth like a blazing fire
An eternal flame

Find one song, a song about love
Glory from the soul of a young man
A young man

Find the one song
Before the virus takes hold
Glory like a sunset
One song to redeem this empty life

Time flies and then
No need to endure anymore
Time dies

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    Roger wasn't addicted to heroin. April contracted AIDS because she was a junkie (they don't say how in the movie but I'm assuming that's how) and Roger contracted AIDS from April, yes he was hurt from her death but the song is about basically he wants yo leave his mark on the world through his music before he dies from AIDS.
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    This song is about Roger falling in love with April, but she was a junkie. He lost his career that he was starting in the music industry. She became his everything and when she died he lost it all. She was the cause of his addiction to heroin, he fell in love with the high. When she died he lost the meaning that's why it says Time dies, she was his time. It's a song about falling in love and losing it all. I think that's what makes it the most touching. I love this song and it makes my heart go out to Roger.
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