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Rent – Love Heals lyrics

Love Heals - rent
Maureen-Like a breath of midnight air. Like a lighthouse, like a prayer.
Benny-Like the flicker and the flare, the sky reveals
Maureen/Benny-Like a walk along the shore that you've walked a thousand times before. Like the oceans roar.
Maureen-Love heals.
Joanne-There are those who shield their hearts. Those who quit before they start.
Roger-Who've frozen up the part of them that feels.
Background-Don't freeze your heart
Roger/Joanne-In the dark they've lost their sight. Like a ship without a star in the night, but hold on tight.
Company: Love heals
Joanne: When you feel like you can't go on
Company: Love heals
Joanne: Hold on to love, it'll keep you strong
Company: Love heals
Joanne: When you feel like you can't go on
Company: Love heals
Collins: Hold on to love, and it will bring you home
Maureen/Benny-Love heals when pain's too much to bear. When you reach out your hand, and only the wind is there.
Mimi/Mark-When life's unfair. When things like us are not to be.
Maureen/Benny-Love heals when you feel so small, like a grain of sand--like nothing at all.
Joanne/Collins-When you look out at the sea, that's where love will be. That's where you'll find me. You'll find me.
Joanne-If you fear the storm ahead
Maureen-As you lie, you lie awake in bed
Joanne-And there's no one
Maureen-No one
Joanne-No one there to stroke your head
Maureen-And your mind
Joanne-Your mind
Maureen/Joanne-Your mind reels
Mimi-If your face is salty wet, and you're drowning in regret, just... (clapping, beat slows down-various characters)
Don't forget(x4)
Company: Love heals
Collins: When you feel like you can't go on
Company: Love heals
Collins: Love, love is gonna carry you home
Company: Love heals
Roger: when you feel like, when you feel like you can't go on
Company: Love heals
Collins: Hold onto love and it will lead you home
Company: love heals

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    This song means that no matter how much life sucks sometimes it all gets better when ur with the ones you love whether its a boyfriend or girlfriend, someone in ur family. And that we all need to realize that we may think life sucks all the time and our love life is going nowhere but in the end love makes everything better and I just feel like everything is right when you know that nothing in ur life is going right. But hey everything in life doesn't always work out the way you want it to and that's ok. Cause nobodies life is perfect no matter how much they think that it's not.
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