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Regine Velasquez – On The Wings Of Love lyrics

Artist: Regine Velasquez
Song: On The Wings Of Love

Just smile for me and let the day begin
are the sunshine that
Lights my heart with
I'm sure that you're an angel in disguise

Come take my hand and together we will ride

Chorus 1:
On the wings of love
Up an above the clouds
only way to fly is
On the wings of love.
On the wings of love
Only the two of us
Together flying high
Flying high upon
The wings of love

You look at me
And I begin to melt
like the snow
When a ray of sun is
I'm crazy bout you baby
Can't you see?
I feel so delighted
If you would come with me
(Repeat chorus)

Yes you belong to me,
And I'm yours exclusively.
Right now we live and
Breathe each other.

Insep'rable it seems.
We're flowing like a, stream running,
Free travelling on the wings of love.


Together flying high,


Flying high up on the wings,
... Of love
... Of love...

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Corrected byChina Bidon


  • Minami1826
    This song regains significance because of OTWOL and JADINE's chemistry. Kudos to ABS-CBN for a hit drama that has the same quality of a Korean series. Kyla's rendition of this song is way better than the original but Regine's version is still remarkable. James Reid and Nadine Lustre also made a duet of this song which were sang live on the drama's ending.
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  • u
    This song shows that to truly feel free, as if you are flying high in the sky without a care in the world, you have to fall in love with someone. Yes, love may hurt, which could send you falling towards the ground, but the rush of the free fall and the excitement and freedom that comes with it is worth the pain. Love is something that can ensnare the heart into forcing the person to do many stupid things. But that's what love is. Love is stupid. It's also wonderful, and beautiful, and this song also shows that if you truly love someone, you'll do anything and everything for them, no matter how stupid it is, no matter what the cost will be. I find that beautiful beyond compare. That's why I can relate to this song. I know how it feels like to love someone so deeply that they become your entire world, that a single smile or word from them can make your entire day. I know how it feels like to be hurt by love, but I don't mind because the free fall makes me feel as if I am truly flying, when in fact, I'm just falling. And even though I got hurt in the end, I never stopped loving that person because the love I felt set me free, and made me feel happier than anything else. It gave me a reason to smile each morning, and I believe that this song is trying to convey the message that love will give us the reason to live, because really, it does.
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  • u
    Anu yan song ng on the wings of love ok icocopy ko lang yan ehhh para ma memorize ko yang kantang on the wings of love ka sweet din kase yan ehhh kaso madalang lang ako manuod kase chanel 7 kami ehh peo pag may time pinapanood ko yan super sweet kase ehh lalo na yung aldub "charot" super beautiful this song and so sweet this omg.
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