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Red Sky Mary – Voodoo Queen lyrics

Seems like I’ve been here
Once before
Many moons ago when the ocean met the shore
But I ain’t no fool
To her wicked ways
I have seen her plight and how her magic plays

This can't be for real
Is this a dream?
As she walks my way the mountain howls and screams
It says son don’t go
See her disguise
She’s just black magic so don’t look her in the eyes, she’s

(Voodoo) She’s just a black cat walking
(Voodoo) The way she moves on through
(Voodoo) Auf wiedersehen baby
(Voodoo) The Blair Witch got nothing on you

Superstition is
Under her spell
Yeah she’s got be too, her charms just too good to fail
Mama, listen here
Hail Mary, Lord’s Prayer
I’ve lost my soul with the sinners and saints who fell to her glare, that stare yeah

You and your voodoo

A lock of hair gonna bring me good luck (good luck)
I don’t lend salt cus it bring me bad luck (bad luck)
I lay a broom across my doorway at night
I take her picture and I turn it right down
Burn her doll so she don’t come round
This witch won’t come and she won’t hurt me tonight all right!

Uh, I tell ya!

But I ain’t no fool
To her wicked ways
I have seen her plight and how her magic plays and I say yeah, she’s

You and your voodoo
You and your voodoo

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