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Red Cafe – Loaded lyrics

She gotta arch up on that thing
Shorty heeled up
Chanel bagged up

Shorty loaded, loaded, loaded
Shorty fully loaded, loaded, loaded
Shorty got ass
All the rich niggas love her
I’m from the pj’s
Wear my J’s when I fuck her

Shorty loaded, loaded, loaded
Shorty fully loaded, loaded, loaded
Shorty got ass
All the boss bitches love her
She from the pj’s
Wear my J’s when I fuck her

[Verse 1: Red Cafe]
Shorty got ass
All the bitches want her
Hallelujah, I caught her
All them ballers be on her
I woke up faded
Turned around and blazed
Been like 10 years
Me and this money been datin’
I got cash overload
She got ass overload
Ciroc by the bucket
Ask, give myself a note
I’mma need my protein
I’m schemin’ on her whole team
Her ass got a purpose
So work it, work it, work it
Man, that booty be on request
She never on recess
She just ‘bout that paper
Get it girl, buy no bs
Loaded, loaded, that gas got me on Pluto
That molly got her on Pluto
Her ass fat, Sumo


[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
Shorty loaded, I c*** it
Now that’s one in the head
She blow, she pop it, she bustin’ in the bed
She bustin’ in the chair
Bustin’ on the stairs
We bustin’ everywhere
Shit, I’m bustin’ in her hair
I don’t fuck with that red dot
If she infrared
Gin is only head shots
I be givin’ lead shots
Always got my safety on
Always got her legs locked
She ain’t never said stop
Spray me, leave a wet spot
Chop her, break her down
She fall back when I swing that
Hit that, and I hit that
Them guts just what I aim at
Lookin’ at a marksman
Pussy precision
I knock that motherfucker down
Like it was trippin’
My nigga, nigga, nigga
What you think they call me trigger for?
Keep that pussy bustin’, baby
Fuck them other niggas, hoe
I just ripped you open like a check was in the envelope
I be killin’ pussy, tell me can I get a witness, yo?


You need a fully loaded bitch up in your life
You need a fully loaded bitch to be your wife
I need a fully loaded nigga on my team
I need a fully loaded nigga on my team

[Verse 3: Fabolous]
That girl be fully loaded
I keep that thing on safety
That girl be rollin’ with him
A nigga travel safely
That girl is so special
Like that 38 be
Them hoes be throwin’ shots but shorty catchin’ murders lately
Get body bags, body bags
Make sure they Chanel
I told her let me squeeze it
And make sure that it’s real
Got a little bitch, her friend, though
This tall joint, extendo
I tell her blow the cartridge then I slide in that Nintendo
Ain’t gon’ be no games played
Just game sprayed, she can’t stay
I pull back that white sheet
Like “Oh shit, you’re a day late”
In my bed, in my head, I’m thinkin’ salute her
Her nigga couldn’t make her bust
She got with a shooter


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