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Rebel Son – Redneck Piece Of White Trash lyrics

I like shooting pool and I like throwing darts
I like going to the junkyard and looking for parts
I like shooting my guns in the dark
I like to hang out in the trailer park

They got used tires for sale in good shape
I got every Dukes of Hazzard that they sold on tape
Who are you to tell me I ain't got no class
I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash

I like to dip and I like to spit
I like talking on the phone while I; m taking a shit
I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash
If you don't like that pucker up mother fucker, you can kiss my ass

(Instrumental break)

Well I like my out of date hairdo
I like picking my nose and getting tattoos
I like drinking beer and working on my car
I like to drink beer and piss in my yard

I like to burp and I like to fart
I like picking up girls when I go to WalMart
I like adjusting my nuts and scratching my ass
I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash


Instrumental break

Last night I went ot bed with a buzz
I dreamed I was drinking, I woke up and I was
I; ll be a drunk redneck til the day I'm dead
I drink beer with my breakfast and before I go to bed

I like to fish and hunt when I'm drunk
I like to f*ck in the back of my truck
You can call me rude and crude and crass
But I'm proud to be a redneck piece of white trash


Pucker up mother fucker x3
You can kiss my ass

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