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Real Live – Real Live Sh*t lyrics

(I leave 'em froze like heroin in your nose) - Nas
[ verse 1 ]
Never underestimate the Real Live
The gun-slinging, fat mack, a sick type of fuck, who dat?
I left blood stain in every spot that I rock
I'm representin Jersey, spittin rhymes like a Glock
Into the Cape Fear mc's be shell-shocked
I got the stash in my dash with the stock and the oo-wop
Who the gun abuser, who the stupid hooker user?
The pimp with the blow, countin bank in the Land Cruiser
I get a charge from a sound of the bust
I was made to crush, I'm wettin rappers til they rust
Plus my regiment is elite, mega deep
20 steep we creep in a five car fleet
That's how I'm bouncin for the nine-fifth, son
We don't promote no masquerade cos we was players from day one
We start trends, we make hits
K-Def and Larry-O be on some Real Live shit
(I leave 'em froze like heroin in your nose)
K-Def and Larry-O be on some Real Live shit
[ verse 2 ]
Smoke-tinted windows cos I'm movin with heat
I got a mean-ass broad in my shotgun seat
You can get buck any day of the week
That nigga Larry O be makin rappers retreat
You know in life I fail, jake is on my tail
I blew up your block, I let it haze like black hail
I use a M16 to blast clowns off the planet
In cold blood, my heart is made of granite
My counterpart the K to the Def
Wicked beat-maker, mass murderer with his left
We got the whole game locked, so
Beats on hold like a pimp on a stroll
I'm bustin caps at the sugar coated rap, yo
This is a lyrical terrorist manifesto
Sipping the Remy, gettin lit, I'm hit
Ignite a fat spliff, I'm on some Real Live shit
(I leave 'em froze like heroin in your nose)
K-Def and Larry-O be on some

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