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Rasheeda – I Wanna Be Successful lyrics

Everyday I Get Greater That Means Everyday I Get Another Damn Hater
Tryna Count My Money You Gone Need A Calculator
Cause I'm Putting Up Numbers Like iplay For The Lakers
I'm Tryna Get It Right Alone With The Glory
Mutha F. Ckas don't Know Me But They Swear They Know My Story
But Ima Get It To You straight From The Horses Mouth
I'm That Chick Out The South Everybody Talking Bout
Tryna Fill My Mind With Doubt But I Got A Kid
First Album Dropped In 01 Not I'm On My 5th
My First Single Was A Classic Then You Tried To Tell Me idon't Make F. Cking Magic
When They Think I'm Done, Here icome Again
Hungry Like The First Day iput The Pad To The Pen
I Mean The Pen To The Pad, Sacrafice So Much To Get Everything I Have
And iwant So Much More The # 1 Spot Grammy Seats In The Front Row
I Built Lanes Others Wanna Drive In
Comparing Me To Them Is Like A Nurse To A Surgeon
Next Big Take, I Go In
I Been A 10, Birth May 25th I Was Born To Win
I'm Better Than, I'm Better Than
When Will This Bullshit Cease, When Will These Dumb Rappers Realixze They On My Leesh
When Will They Realize They Career Has Been Leeshed
They Playing All Your Music When You're Dead
Leaving Nothing For Your Seed That Be The Difference Between You And Me
I'm Never Caught Up In This Superficial Rap shit
I'm Standing On My Platform Spitting From My Pool Pit
& I Wont Quit,
I Want The Glamour, Shine Like A Star
Pussy Cat Drownn, Ohh isuppose
I Just Wanna Be
I Just Wanna Be Successful
I Just Wanna Be
I Just Wanna Be Successful
Terrestrial bitch
The Mixtape Is Crazy
Rasheeda Babyy!

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