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Rasaq – Got To Sleep lyrics

[Rasaq - talking]
Ghetto Status, G-g-ghetto Status
Rasaq on the block
G-g-ghetto Status
Ghetto Status baby
Post up, G-g-ghetto Status
G-g-ghetto Status (ye, ye)

Ay, I come through in the big black lac
Swangers on the side I'm flippin the back
Matta of fact, it's a fitro crack
It'll hit like a bat, put a rip in ya back
Flippin' stacks, flips n gats
Throwback jerseys mix n match
Throwback verses spit the track
Straight out the dome like fitted caps
Spittin raps, get this cash
Spend this dough, get it back
Get ya hoe, get her smashed
Gettin a slap n send her back
With a bended back, to the friendly cat
Who's showin' love and excepts her back
While I knock her off n I won't spend jack
Imma ghetto status wit a metals back
N this yellow crack n a fellow act
Like I won't react like a do-key gats
And I Won't be back (back, back, back)

[Chamillionaire - talking]
Yeah Chamillionaire and Rasaq, Ghetto Staus
Get ya weight up, get ya heart right mayne
We bout to get this money
Hey Rasaq you wit me?, let's go

I'm thinkin' ridin' twinkie spokes
Thinkin' thoed, think we broke?, I'm thinkin' nope
Rankie ropes, my niggaz blowin' stanky smoke
Little kids sayin' ay he dope
I ain't gonna lie ya mami knows
She ready to drop her pantie hos
Take em off and hand me those
Bought me kicks and some clothes
Look s*** in platinum, hansome in gold
Watch how high you handle me do
Handle the for, the cannon will blow
Gamble for dough, stackin them hoes
Mackin them hoes, they watchin' Rasaq
They boppin Rasaq, at first they was takin' me for granted before

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