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Rakoth – Gothaur Aulendil lyrics

Aule the Forger has forged you in fire That was
The truth they created for you Could you
Imagine Manve as liar? But your true father you
Never knew You achived mastery in art of
Forgery But your first creation was dagger of
Steel Never made stillborn golden flowers like
Others did You prefer iron - the metal that's real
Feel yourself different, never felt home here
Always a stranger, you're fire in snow See -
They're afraid of you, you always scared them
Seeds of true vision in hearts and minds you will
Sow You saw the stars as they saw only light of
The Trees You dreamed as they only could pray
You can't delight in their eternal serenity bliss
And they fear your fiery way Feel yourself
Different, never felt home here Always a
Stranger, you're fire in snow See - they're afraid
Of you, you always scared them And so they
Called you Sauron, the Morgoth's spawn "Wise
Sad face I recall Melkor, your seed I am Son of
The one they don't dare to name" Live, burn in
Your flame and love Love to the earth and the
Stars But the first thing you've made was the
Dagger of steel...

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