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Rakim – Bring It On lyrics

Bring it on…
Come on, bring it…

Boom! My idea fill the room with light, soon as I write
Tunes are dynamite, scenery’s out of sight
Show’s tonight, I seal your doom tight
My platoon is right, puttin’ bullet wounds in the mic
Once again it’s the paragraph chemist
Inventors are finished, the experimentist
Rakim is the elementor, I invent more courses
The editor with thoughts of a sorcerer (bring it)
Act like you want it –
It isn’t a man that’ll take it from me, I hold the mic prisoner
Rescues that’ll reach next crews, that speech
Unless you know how to teach, retreat to the beat
I swing it better than tarzan
Once it’s in the awsan, all they can say is “aw, man”
A mass of people in hysteria
Yo, any bitin’ emcees in the area?
Bring it…

Bring it on
(On and on and on and on)
Bring it… bring it on
(On and on and on and on)
Come on, bring it…
Bring it
Bring it on
(On and on and on and on)
(On and on and on and on)
Don’t stop rockin’ ‘til the break of dawn – one

[Verse 2:]
Poetry is drastic, hazard when it’s put on plastic
Havoc if blasted – if I get sarcastic
Your thoughts is short, mines go far past it
He didn’t wanna pass it
I took it – believe me, it’s devious
If they wanna see me it’s worse than hideous
Look – I drop another rhyme and the place gets shook
If you don’t get back, react to the hook
I hook it – highly explosive, it could blow at any time
With any rhyme, without a nine
Get out of line, too late if you wait ‘til I perform
Mics get blown out of tune, so bring it on


[Verse 3:]
The crowd didn’t hear the original
When the wild first one to ever let a rhyme float down the nile
Stomp it, comp it, flowin’, a similar style
Rhymes attack, now they want rap exile
Never – ‘cause I get militant, that’s why I’m still in it
You give me a mic and I’m killin’ it
When it drops, autops and x-rays give them heads displays
I say, ate away the microchips
Instead of yappin’ about a gun
Rappin’ about things they never done
You’re sterile, you’ll never come
I’m thorough since I came, I’m still comin’ with more
In ’94 I ain’t go on tour, I went to war
Whatever, I’ll be right here ‘til the next year
At the mic site with a bright idea
Brothers come wrong and better split, get gone
When I rip the song they get torn
Bring it on…


(On and on and on and on)
(On and on and on and on)
Bring it
Bring it on
Bring it on
Bring it on
Don’t stop rockin’ ‘til the break of dawn – one
Bring it… bring it on
Bring it on…
Bring it on…
Come on, bring it…
Bring it on…
Bring it on…
Bring it on…
Come on, bring it…
Bring it!

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