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Rahowa – Rahowa lyrics

As I march into battle, my comrades I hail,
Tonight the white race prevails -
Death by our swords to the vile, alien hordes,
Their every resistance shall fail.
They see it, it's there in our eyes,
We know it, it's time that we rise,
Not one of their numbers shall be spared;
The racial holy war has been declared...

By the blood of our fathers, by the seed of our sons,
By the blades of our knives, and by the bullets in our guns,
By the fire burning deep inside, the ancestral claim to land,
We shall fight the good fight 'til the end - down to the final man!

Well, I'm a heretic amongst you, a rebel on the run;
You locked me in the darkness, but I've burst into the sun -
Oh yeah, oh yeah! You'll never crush my spirit,
You'll never break my will, I keep coming on back for more -
In the racial holy war!

It's our battle cry, you're trembling in fear
'Cause of this look in my eyes, rahowa!
It's the white man's call,
You can chase me to the end of the earth,
But I shall never fall, never fall,
You can chase me to the end of the earth,
But I shall never fall!

Our race is our religion, it's our reason and our creed;
No cowards linger in our ranks, no weaklings make us bleed.
Smashing unpure idols, that enslave the white man's mind,
Rid the world of the Nazarene - pathetic Christ not of our kind!

As I march out of battle, my comrades I hail,
Tonight the white race prevailed;
We brought death by our swords to the vile,
Alien hordes, their every resistance has failed.
Now our future is secure, our sacred blood kept pure,
And by the splendor of the rising sun,
The racial holy war has been won.

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