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Rahowa – God Is Dead lyrics

Deus mortuus est! Finis vevit, finis prope est negrum pascha adest!

Bow down to the statue, with your simple dreams -
Pray to go to heaven, avoid the hellish screams.
Cringe before the icons, whimper, beg for peace,
But your god ain't gonna hear you, your lord's deceased.
I pluck the beard of your Christian "god",
And hack open his worm-eaten skull...

God is dead, god is dead, in the dark your voice is calling;
God is dead, god is dead, Yahweh's temple's fallen;
God is dead, god is dead, in the dark your voice is calling;
God is dead, god is dead, from his mercy hath man fallen...

Can't you smell the decay of his stinking, rotting corpse?
There is no higher being, there is no greater force.
Wander through the madness, you think he is the light?
Betrayal is your reward, there's only chaos on this night!
What you call Christianity, I call "Christ-insanity"...

Can't you sense destruction? see the smoldering decay?
Can't you smell the poison, that may take our breath away?
Can't you see through the lies, that a billion fools spread?
Can't you shake deception, from your manipulated head?
Is your real world so painful that you turn towards the sky?
Are you so afraid of life that you sit and wait to die?
Your love for the weak is a crime,
I indict you for treason against nature's design...

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