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R-Three – Something To Believe In lyrics

Something to Believe In (words by Rhett Redelings-MacDermott)

I don't want to sing a song
About the war
I don't want to talk about
What it's really for
I don't wanna talk about
The VP getting rich off the
I don't want to watch the
Rich killing off the poor

I want something to
Believe in
That doesn't cost another man
I want leaders not
Deceiving CEOs on CNN
I want peace, peace, peace
I want a chance for an honest life
Not an endless war for a
Bigger slice
I want Peace. Peace. Peace.

I don't want to think about the sons and daughters
Fighting a fight started by their fathers
Or the mothers taking comfort from a statistician
And the hollow lies of a politician

They need something to believe in
That doesn't cost another girl
They need leaders not deceiving
Businessmen using up the world
They need peace, peace, peace
They need a chance for their daughter's life
Not this endless war for a bigger slice
They need peace

They're telling us lies to keep us down and afraid
We're lining up to give our freedom away
They're killing thousands of people everyday,
Breaking the heart of the US of A
Taking away our freedom to say
Give our freedom away...
No one sane wants war
Even the terrified want something more
When hope looks like a weapon to a desperate man,
We can share the world, try to understand, or united we'll fall and divided we stand....

We need something to believe in
That doesn't take an eye for an eye
We need a future not a feeling
That won't be safe unless we buy the lies
We need peace, peace, peace
We need a chance for a better state
Not an endless flow Of blood, oil and hate
We need peace, peace, peace
I don't want to talk about what it's going to cost
I don't want to sing about a generation lost
They need something to believe in
They need something to believe
(Don't let it be this)
They're waving their flags, standing tall with pride,
Clinging to rhetoric to justify
The immeasurable loss of those who'll die
And who can blame them?
They need something to believe in
Don't let it be this
We need peace peace peace

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