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Pulp – Like A Friend lyrics

Don't bother saying you're sorry / why don't you come in / smoke all my cigarettes again /
Every time I get no further / how long has it been? / come on in now, wipe your feet on my
Dreams / you take up my time / like some cheap magazine / when I could have been learning
Something / oh well, you know what I mean, oh / I've done this before / and I will do it
Again / come on and kill me baby / while you smile like a friend / oh and I'll come
Running / just to do it again / you are the last drink I never should have drunk / you are
The body hidden in the trunk / you are the habit I can't seem to kick / you are my secrets
On the front page every week / you are the car I never should have bought / you are the
Dream I never should have caught / you are the cut that makes me hide my face / you are
The party that makes me feel my age / like a car crash I can see but I just can't avoid /
Like a plane I've been told I never should board / like a film that's so bad but I've got
To stay till the end / let me tell you now: it's lucky for you that we're friends.

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    Everyone has known that person that makes you feel that something happen between us, but when it's too late she/he breaks your heart and you're feeling like "You're my secrets in the front page every week", that feeling of "friendzone" with someone who is playing with your feelings is exactly what Jarvis talks about, and then, when you're far away from he/she, that person come back and you say "smoke all my cigarettes again" because no matter how cruel is the situation, you love her/him and that makes you fragile and that game (that you know you gonna lose but you wanna play it just in case) it could keep existing for the rest of your life. In simple words "friendzone with someone who is hysterical".
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