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Project Wyze – Hush lyrics

Shhh, but can you keep a secret
Are you the type of person who holds it in for five minutes before you release it
You're nothing more then a hypocrite
You talk too much gossip, now how long can you live with it
You see I've had it up to here with all this nonsense
You started the rumors but I'm the one payin' the consequence
From your breath to the next breath
From one desk to the next desk
All of this office talk is leaving me stressed
I'm tryin' to start a new life and turn over a new leaf
But you're the cause of my pain, the cause of my grief
I'm lookin' for payback but two wrongs don't make it better
Congratulations, you're the world's greatest storyteller

This is how it is
On the wrong side of the tracks
Does it really have to be
'Cause you're not ready to fight back
This is how it is
See this world is not enough
Does it really have to be
When I keep tellin' you people to hush

I keep tellin' you people to hush 'cause I can't trust you
There's six million stories to tell, now which one's about you
You see I watch these rumors spread like flies in the nighttime
All this gossip keeps eating away at my lifeline
Keep tellin' stories 'cause nobody really wants you
Tell a lie and watch the truth come back to haunt you
I take a look around and all I see is your promise being broken
I guess kindness leaves you open
I wish I could fly away from everything you say and do
I wish that I can run away from you
You people need to find something better to talk about
You people need to be quiet and keep my name out of your mouth


This is how it is
On the wrong side of the tracks
Does it really have to be
You keep talking behind my back
You people never change
I'm the only one I trust
So stop talkin' about me
When I keep tellin' you people to hush

I was told first hand, never word of mouth (8X)


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