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Project Pat – That Drank lyrics

(Chorus 4x)
That 'Train
That 'Train
That 'Train will make ya think, sizzerp

Sippin on some purple
I'ma call it yurple
Leaning to the sizzide
Cool like I'm Erckle
Weed got me percule
Eyes tight like girdle
Cruising through the hood slow, something like a turtle
Strapped with them triggas
Hanging hanging with my niggas
Everybody flossed out cause we stacking figgas
Hoes getting nothing but some of this nutt in-
-side they esaphagaus bitch you give me sucky
On this hydrocodine
Or promythzzine
Sipping on the sizzerp
Sipping on this lizzine
Macking in my mizzind
I'm staying hizzigh
True to the shit I do and that's till I dizzie
Suckas wanna stizzeal
I'ma keep it rezzeal
Do watcha gotta do man to get a meazzal
Never was a hataa
I'ma stay a playaa
Sipping on this good 'Train dog everydaya

(Chorus 4x)

Per-per-per-percocet, zynax I got the best deals
I love to get powered up off them x-pills
Something to get my swerve on codone dranker
Straight out the North Memphis, Tenn on them chrome twenkas
niggas that hate always end up with hot lead
I'm with them killas hanging out and we ain't scared
Just like my niggas down in Dallas man we already
Swinging in work drink that purple with that erky-jerk
My grill is gold and I smile but ain't shit funny
Like you. G. K. We be hustling for that dirty money
We got them hoes that are pros shaking big booties
Down with they mane getting that dough doing theirr damn duty
I'm on this drank and this drank got me straight mellow
Most niggas love purple surp I prefa yellow
We been on this, on the town since the 70's
Some trill players out the south is who we be's

(Chorus 4x)

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