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Prince In Public – Euro Girl lyrics

Verse 1
The song started slow but she didn't know what she wanted
When she said I wanna dance with you.
Her body wore a dress that said curiosity
With eyes the read everything you do.
People were watching as we were talking
In that foreign tongue from overseas
And all she said was how she wanted to see the states
She said she had because it was getting late
A name like Camilla musta been Dutch
She holds my hand but it doesn't mean much
Wherever she goes I will go with her
I will miss her

Chorus (x2)
She's the European girl from my American dream
I'm wherever she goes and in whatever she sees
On a beach in France or in the red sea
I'm wherever she goes and in whatever she sees

Bridge (x2)
Whoa, whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, oh

Verse 2
We traveled coast to coast looking for the east shore
But we didn't know what we were looking for.
Pocket full of sand from the beach around the corner
With me and her together you would think it's getting warmer (outside).
Turn up the heat and move your feet
In this moment you would hope it never leaves.
And everyone around was dancing and moving
Stepping to the beat and the sounds of the music
To the music, to the music
Dance, dance baby, dance to the music
To the music, to the music
Dance, dance baby, to sounds of the music

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