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Prince – Positivity lyrics

Yes {echoed}

Positivity - yes
Have you had your plus sign 2day?
Positivity - yes
Do we mark you present or do we mark you late?

Is that a good man
Walking down the street with that money in his hand?
Is that a good man?
Why do you dog him?
If that was your father, tell me, would you dog him then?
Would you dog him?


Is that all your gold?
Where did it come from?
What did you have 2 do? (What did you have 2 do?)
Can you sleep nights?
Do you dream straight up or do you dream in W's?


Na na na na na na, so slow
Positivity - yes
Na na na na na na, so slow

Can a boy who drops out of school at 13 years of age
Answer the Q of life and death when it slaps him in the face?
(Na na na na na na, so slow)
Who's 2 blame when he's got no place 2 go
And all he's got is the sense 2 know
That a life of crime will help him beat you in the race
Will help him beat you in the race


Na na na na na na, so slow (Na na na na na, so slow)

(Say it)
(Ooh yes)

Na na na na na na, so slow (Say it again)
Na na na na na na, so slow (Na na na na na, so slow)
Positivity - yes
(Na na na na na na, so slow)

Wave your hand 4 positivity y'all!
All the boys and all the girls (All the boys, all the girls)
You are the new kings of the world!
Shall the court sing together?

"In every man's life there will be a hang-up
A whirlwind designed 2 slow you down
It cuts like a knife and tries 2 get in you
This Spooky Electric sound
Give up if you want 2 and all is lost
Spooky Electric will be your boss"

Call People Magazine, Rolling Stone
Call your next of kin, cuz your ass is gone
He got a 57 mag with the price tag still on the side - uh!
Cuzzin' when Spooky say dead, you better say died
Or you can fly high right by Spooky and all that he crawls 4
Spooky and all that he crawls 4
Don't kiss the beast
(Love & honesty, peace & harmony)
Love & honesty, peace & harmony
Say hold on 2 your soul, you got a long way 2 go
Sho' nuff {x3}

Don't kiss the beast
Be superior at least

Hold on 2 your soul, y'all, court, sing!
Hold on 2 your soul, we got a long way 2 go
Hold on 2 your soul

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