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Prince – If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life lyrics

If Eye was the man in your life
Eye'd make you happy
Eye'd treat you right
Eye'd buy you flowers every single day
Eye'd Give you power
Eye'd do whatever you say

Eye heard a rumor that Ur man he said he'd do you wrong
And Ur so vain Ud think that Ur the 1 behind this song
Sure you know he got plenty lyrics, yeah, up his sleeve
And after he got what he want he just go up and leave
And sunday chocolate on the roof right after his game
He like the Lakers but the Sixers on when he came
If he's with another now you best believe the party's crackin
Ur getting played girl, you better get your mack on
And do onto others as they do onto you
You call me on the day that you and him are just 2 through


Was it you that Eye saw outside the liquor store
Waiting on that fool 2 purchase what Ud been dying 4?
And b4 Eye c you drop a spill Eye have 2 bring you down
Now you got that chocolate barracuda hangin' round
Hangin' round your neck like a cheap gold chain
He don't deserve 2 say that he ever knew Ur name
Much less he get 2 smell the perfume Eye gave you
Please don't tell me that you all got down
Better do onto others as they do onto you
You call me on the day that you and him are just 2 through


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