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Prince – I No lyrics

Rain is wet and sugar is sweet
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Everybody, everybody knows
When Love calls, you gotta go

(I know) {repeat in bg}
Welcome 2 the New Power Generation
The reason why my voice is so clear
Is there's no smack in my brain
(This soul belongs to God)


I know there is a heaven, I know there is a hell
Listen 2 me people, I got a story 2 tell
I know there was confusion, lightnin' all around me
That's when I called His name
Don't you know He found me?

No! - is what Spooky Electric say, it's not ok (No!)
But I know that Love is the only way till my dyin' day (No!)
Till my dyin' day I'll be ok
Cuz Lovesexy is the one till my day is done
Hundalasiliah! (Yeah oh!)

I know there is a devil because he talks so loud
He makes you do things your friends do (Do what your friends do)
Hang out with the crowd
But my Lord, He's so quiet when He calls your name
When you hear it your heart will thunder
You will wanna hear it every day

No! (People) - is what Spooky Electric say (Tell me, what'd he say?) (No!)
But don't you know that I know Love is the only way till my dyin' day (No!)
Till my dyin' day I'll be ok
Cuz Lovesexy is the one till my day is done

Alright y'all, everybody in the house (Serve it up, Frankie)
Here's what I want you 2 do (Ooh child!)
Raise your hand up straight in the air
Swing it 2 the right, savoir-faire
Up on the 2, swing on the 4
Everybody on the dance floor

(Shout - "Ho!") {repeat}
Y'all ain't got it, U're dead!
Go ahead {x4}
(Frankie, play!)

Raise your hand up straight in the air (I know)

(Put your hand up) {x2}
Alright y'all, come on, uh

(Say no) (No!)
If you can't find your way, everybody say (Say no) (No!)
If U're afraid, everybody ain't got it made
(If U're lookin 4 the crown, come on y'all) (Say no) (No!)
If you want a drug other than the God above (Say it) (No!)
If you need a drink every single day (Sing it)
Then blow that devil away!

(Say yes) (Yes!)
If you want this feeling called love
(Oh yeah, come on, y'all) (Say it) (Yes!)
If you want it now raise your hand 2 the man above
(Y'all 2, I gotta say it) (Yes!)
Up on the 2, swing right on the 4
(It's alright, it's alright) (Yes!)
We want everybody 2 open this door! (Come on)


If you don't wanna live life under the gun (I know)
We know a better way 2 have some fun (I know)
I know there is a heaven and a hell
I know there is a heaven and a hell
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Tell you what (Give it up, yeah!)
Man, are we on the guest list? (Guest list? What guest list?)
We on the guest list, right?

I don't see no 5 dollars you owe me
(Can't wait till I get my own, how 'bout you?)
Ok (I got those 2 right here)
(Yo later, I'm goin back 2 the place)
They are back!
I'm gonna go 2 the bar (I'm goin' home)
I'm gonna have one of those sandwiches (Yes)

I can't take 'em 2 the club 2 date us

Sleep sandwich
That's right

I can't take but so much

The meat between 3 sheets

I know it was her

That's right

That's what I'm talkin' about

A peanut-butter sandwich

Her and her girlfriend
The one that was standin' right next 2 my woman (D)
Standin right next 2 my woman

Let us praise God with the fruit of the vine (E)

My name's Andre Crabtree iii (Ooh-wee! Did you see that?)

Our innocent symbol of glory

I've got more holes than a golf course (That don't mean shit) (Taxi)

And thank Him 4 your blessings of the past week
(I got a white / blue car and?­)
(Where's the car, dude?) (And a red)
(I said who parked the car?) (No!)
4 life and 4 Prince... (Funk it!)

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