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Pretty Maids – When The Angels Cry lyrics

I praythe Lord my soul for him to keep
for all the world to see
to save me from the devil and his creep
to lay his hands on me

I feel the ground beneath me shake
I can't rewind
I'm gonna fall

Father forgive me
for we don't know what we do
love ressurect me
to the world that I once know

Depraved deseased
a far out scenery
we know it all too well
the path we choose
to find the gates of heaven
is just the road to hell

Rapin the land
and apocalytic plans
it's the nature of man

See what we created
stare into the face of time
living in a world devastated
when the angels cry

Cry for salvation
when the final day has come
we're the last generation
in the shades of Babylon

Denial betrayel
no meaning to our failure
no answer to our pleas
a burnt out culture
chaos and revolt
it's mankind on its knees

Our future is vanishing
like blood in the rain
like a paper in flames

See what created
stare into the face of time
living in a world devastated
when the angels cry
think of all the beauty we've vasted
is this the end of it all

And I saw another sign in heaven
great and marvelos
seven angels having seven plagues
which are the last
for in them is finished the wraith of god


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