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Power Station – We Fight For Love lyrics

I will protect you
Nothing can hurt you
No storm clouds gathering terrify

I am a mountain
Surrounded by your love
You are a mountain that dreams are made of

We fight for love
We fight for love
Fight for love

Somewhere... Somehow... Someone
Somewhere... Somehow... Someone

I fight with fire
As I watch them conspire
To blow my world apart

Between the light
And the endless night
You will always be in my heart

We fight for love
We fight for love
Fight for love
We fight for love

Somewhere... Somehow... Someone
Somewhere... Somehow... Someone

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    This song, to be specific, just fits in exactly where it was placed. In the movie where it has been shown that arnold is an elite class secret agent who has retired voluntarily to spend the rest of his life with his li'l daughter, but fate brings him in such a situation where she has been kidnapped by a killer gang so that he could be compelled to cut someone's throat; and arnold finally rescues her countering all the lethal attacks intended to kill them both. When the movie ends and the song starts playing in the background as arnold flies with her into the horizon neglecting a prosperous future behind only to be aside with her, the viewer realizes it is the song that is being sung by his/her own heart. Thumbs up. It doesn't matter whether you liked the movie or not, you can't deny the appeal that this song exerts after a battle to save our beloved ones. Yes, we fight for love, somewhere. Somehow. Someone.
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