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Pop It Off Boys – Crank Dat Batman lyrics

Cg What it do (2x)
Lil Action On da track (2x)

Now Batman
Shawty gone and jigg wit it
Now Batman
Shawty gone and jigg wit it

Now watch me crank my batman [2x]
Now get boggie on da flo Now one two wit it [2x]

(Lil Action)

All my gangster's posted up
And all my Yup gone and jig wit it
Step it right then step it left shawty gone and jig wit it
Now watch me step it out
We fresh when we be stepping out
We still get low then stop and boat
Yeah we one two step it out
[aye] you can't do it like I do it so just take a seat
[aye] watch me kill my dance as I'm jiggin to the beat
You they like da way I do it and they like the way I move it
So they ask me was my dance
And I just say that it's the movement
That's your song girl so gone and juke with it
Now get boggie on the floor now one two with it

Now watch me peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat (2x)
Now bring it back because they aint seen that[mix] (2x)

You throw your dance at me I'm going to eat it up
Like pac man hold on wait a minute
[watch me crank my batman]
I lean 2 the right
Den I jig it to da left
I don't need nobody help
Because I can jig it by myself
Because I'm still bouncing then I stop and let my shoulder lean
Still bouncing then I stop and let me should lean

Now watch me crank my batman [2x]
Now get boggie on da floor Now one two wit it [2x]


Batman cranking what you thanking do's that there
Now they start hating [mix]

Watch me snap and watch me jig
You can't do it like I did
Pop foot rock den I drop real quick
Gone head 2 da right den left wit it
When I'm in the spot
Yuh my dance comes in handy
You better take 5 and I aint talking about the candy
In the party yuh my hat stay tilt everybody telling me

[To The Bat Mobile]
Awwwwwwwwwlllll Yuhhhhhhhhhh
Ooooooooooooo Mr. Do it like me

Back it out
Now snap it out
B-a-t man I pass around
Moving my feets how I get down
Throw it in the air now ride it out
When aint stopping
Diddy bopping
Throw your head back and batman like your robbing

Aye yup I stepped of in the party jiggin in da center floor
Shawty tried to holla [Noooooooo]
So I did my dance on that dork
Watch me do it
Wit no hands
You can't crank it like I can
I'm the man so sit back and watch me crank my batman

Now Batman
Shawty gone and jigg wit it
Now Batman
Shawty gone and jigg wit it

Now watch me crank my batman [2x]

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  • o
    This is to kikashi, if you are "Asian" like you say you are then no wonder you don't understand it and I don't know what kind of stuff you listen to but around here where I'm from its all about crank this and crank dat. So maybe that's there style you the first person that I heard that don't like this song because this song is off da chain in the parties.
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  • k
    Crank dat batman iz wack. First of all why didn't these dudes make da dance copy steps from spida an soulja. What I'm sayin is tha part when dey say dat batman and dey start doin tha steps and you say tha part rite B4 you start doin da soulja boyand den dey slide lik dey doin spidaman and do da batman part, tha rest of the parts are dance moves from da south that's ok. But tha 1ST 2 steps iz copied. Come up wit somethin more creative. Soulja boy did it and so did the guys who made spiderman. All I'm sayin be more creative if ur make A song. And for all yallwho wants to make A song be creative. And stop making these god dang crank dat songsim not dey are good songs but stop copinnng soulja boy these songs are not making sense now crank dat asian iz waaaccckkk.
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