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Police – Recapture The Thrill lyrics

Recapture the thrill
Of yesterday...
No, you never will,
Try as you may...

You're passing by a race and just by chance you happen to drop in for a moment
Or two... Yeah
You know the kind of thing, 'cause every now and then you must have had it happen
To you... Yeah
When just by coincidence,
Things at the time
Know you'll find
You meet a girl and fall in love
Chase a wife
You dance the night away...
The girl begs you,
"Please, please, please stay."
Never try to

Recapture the thrill
Of yesterday...
No, you never will,
Try as you may...

With the passing time, the memory in your mind will give a false sense of
You wish to go but know you must return and finally yield to
When you arrive,
You can't believe
But for the name,
The place is the same
The floor is empty
And the whole mood has changed
You spend the night alone...
Sadly, you make your way home
But everybody tries to

Recapture the thrill
Of yesterday...
No, they never will,
Try as they may

You see them walking 'round, their heads are hanging down, their sad faces show
The things they knew before are not here anymore; they can't understand their
The pity fools
Who never learn
They just don't belong
They still... Hold on
The day of spender is a nostalgic song
Opening a final dream
Nothing but time in between
Forever trying to

Recapture the thrill
Of yesterday...
Oh, why don't they understand?
No, they never will,
Try as they may
You've got to hear me, people
It's too late
Recapture the thrill
You found uncertainty

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