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P!nk – Love Song lyrics

I've never written a love song
That didn't end in tears
Maybe you'll rewrite my love song
If you can replace my fears
I need your patience and guidance
And all your lovin' and more
When thunder rolls through my life
Will you be able to weather the storm?
There's so much I would give ya, baby
If I'd only let myself
There's this well of emotions
I feel I must protect
But what's the point of this armor
If it keeps the love away, too?
I'd rather bleed with cuts of love
Than live without any scars
Baby, can I trust this?
Or do all things end?
I need to hear that you'd die for me
Again and again and again
So tell me when you look in my eyes
Can you share all the pain and happy times
'Cause I will love you for the rest of my life
This is my very first love song
That didn't end in tears
I think you re-wrote my love song
For the rest of my years
I will love you for the rest of my Life

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    This song is ok I guess. I've just listened to it, on you tube and it has a good rhythm. P! Nk is totally my fave artist as well as Sara Bareilles, Miley Cyrus, Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown and Lady Gaga. Look, blob4ever take no notice of what my sister says, she never makes any sence at all, so I'm using her account. Well just remember, P! Nk is way cool. Awesome!
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