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Money Straight lyrics

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Plies – Money Straight lyrics

Hey nigga... It ain't no motherfuckin' secret no mo' nigga... Yeah
I got my motherfuckin' chips straight now nigga... You bitch ass
Niggas better hope I don't go broke nigga... 'Cause if I do I'mma
Be layin' in yo' motherfuckin' bushes nigga haha!

I'm ridin' on twenty-eights (you know my money straight)
I drink 'Gnac e'eryday (you know my money straight)
Ask the strippers do I play (you know my money straight)
I'm in the mall e'eryday (you know my money straight)
I'm ridin' on twenty-eights (you know my money straight)
I drink 'Gnac e'eryday (you know my money straight)
Ask the strippers do I play (you know my money straight)
I'm in the mall e'eryday (you know my money straight)

I'm a animal in the club beast in the mall
If you want it better cop it 'fore I buy it out
Finna show you lil' rookie ass niggas how to ball
Don't you size me lil' nigga if ya money small
Got choppers and money so I'm ready for war
Got a glock forty pin yo' ass to the wall
Drop ten on the eights like to sit tall
And if you want the ho tell me I'll buy her dog
I drink 'Gnac don't fuck wit' Cris' at all
Draggin' bags nigga bust stacks in the mall
You smoke regular or 'preme homie it's yo' call
It ain't shit to me nigga 'cause I'm a big dog
You don't know when the feds comin' so you better ball
Livin' mine on the edge Motherfuck the law
I'm gettin' mo' money now nigga than I done ever saw
And I can afford to smoke it a hundred dollar 'gar


[Verse 2:]
I buy whips on the regular soak 'em in candy
You know I'm in the strip club 'cause all the hoes happy
Soon as I hit the motherfuckin' do' I'm spendin' cabbage
Spend somethin' or get the fuck from 'round me crabbin'
Me and the goons caked up blowin' money laughin'
Ask the niggas that know me I'm big dog status
It ain't V. S. O. P. I don't want it don't even ask me
Blew a stack on that ho 'cause I seen you hackin'
Got my pistol on me pussy nigga that's why I'm actin'
'Gnaced up and doped up ready to make it happen
Rather be the nigga that e'erybody wanna rob
Then be that nigga dog that e'erybody seen starve
I get money nigga that's my motherfuckin' job
And I ain't goin' broke no mo' nigga I swear to God
'Cause when you ballin' nigga that's when that hatin' start
I know one way to go pussy and that's hard


[Verse 3:]
I'm out right now a hundred thousand dollar bonds
Pussy ass cracker must thought a nigga ain't have the funds
Got out the same day nigga bought mo' guns
Beggin' one of these fuck niggas to play dumb
So I can fuck around and give they ass the whole drum
Took plenty losses bounced back off e'ery one
Ain't never asked one of you fuck niggas to hold somethin'
Then why you mad at me pussy 'cause you ain't me
Ain't been in the mall five minutes and done spent a G
Tell the truth about me pussy I'm who you wanna be
I gave her two hundred for the head 'cause I'm fuckin' for free
If you a pussy nigga you probably don't fuck wit' me
How much I paid for the watch dropped fifty-three
Bought that and another crib the same week
And all my rent paid for nigga I ain't leasin'
It's official you fuck niggas 'cause Plies even


[music out]

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