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Play Off – Ask For A Steak lyrics

I just got nothing to lose
Telling you all the things I've always wanted to
Although you stood there, basically just yelling at me
I couldn't listen to your voice, singing 1, 2, 3

I just got nothing to prove
Going deaf from the sound of your boo-hoo's
Take your disgust, wrap it in my pride and shoot
Score! Well the toilet wasn't that far

And I flush, and I flush, and I flush...

I almost swallowed your blue pill
But, lucky me, right before I had a thrill
See how deep the rotten rabbit hole goes
Yeah! I wanna land in wonderland

So enough with the harassment
Step away from my pulp fiction
Beat me up, strike me down
Be ready to receive a slap from my sound

I can't any longer allow myself to beat around the bush
Cause all I need to loose the grip is a teeny tiny push
So bring on what you've got
To see if I lie or not
Push me, push me, push me, push me!
I told you so

"- Sorry guys, we're out of fish, would you like something else?
-Well... can I get a steak then?
- Let me check... HONEY, WE GOT ANY STEAK?
- Hmmm... where's my shotgun (bruit de shotgun qui charge)... (bruits de vache)... (shotgun qui tire)... We do now!"

Cause if I stumble, collapse and die
You will shit on my remains and you'll wipe with my pride
That's what you say, but, come on, we both know that's a lie
Cause where I'm standing from, I see you and I can tell that

You are there, waiting for me
Yeah you are there waiting for me
Yeah you are there waiting for me
Yeah you are there there there

You are there; you are there, waiting for me
You are there; you are there, waiting for me
You are there; you are there, waiting for me
You're addicted to me and you'll always be!

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