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P.J. Harvey – Pig Will Not lyrics

I will
I will not
I will not

No, I will not

How dare you, says the angel
He crashes down from the heights
Shakes the disbeliever
Shakes the disbelievers head
Shakes him harder
Instructing you well...

Hear me, do you hear the law?
All that rubbish inside your rotting mind
I am your guardian, I am your fairy
Get out of my way or...

Such lovers, this is true love
This is true love that we are doing now
Even everywhere that I was before, all broken
Your face all mashed up

I will not
I will not
I will not
I will not...

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    This is probably the absolute worst thing ever recorded. Not just by polly jean but by anyone. I still feel love and admiration for this lovely lady but this should have never seen the light of day, and any copies should have been burned then the ashes buried.
    Again, there is no 'meaning' but rather a free-association yelling rant, with pj barking like a dog, and parish screaming his slurred words like a junkie going through withdrawals while being eaten by piranha. The overall effect of the sound quality, vocal quality and lyrical content is what one would imagine to have resulted from a week long bad acid trip by yoko ono and a bootlegged recording of bob weir of the grateful dead, simultaneously projectile vomiting and having explosive diarrhea.
    Although that comparison is too kind.
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