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Pizzicato Five – My Blue Heaven lyrics

Translators: Andrei Cunha

Denwa ga asa kara naridasu
Kodomo ga dokoka de nakidasu
Kimi wa doshite naiteru no

Seikyusho ga okurareteru
Shigoto wa kyo mata cancel
Kimi wa toto iede suru no

Konna ni ai shiteru noni
Konna ni kanashii no wa naze
Konna ni sekai wa
Kyo mo I no itami

Denwa de kaasan ga nageku
Omae wa zuibun tsumetai
Sono hanashi wa ashita ni shite

Konna ni ai shiteru noni
Konna ni kanashii no wa naze
Imademo omoidasu no sa
Kimi mo wakakute
Boku mo kutabiretenakatta
Futari de yume wo miteta
Ima demo sonna ni bokura
Toshi o totta wake demo nai noni

Denwa de aniki ga nakitsuku
Okane o shosho karitai
Sono hanashi wa ashita ni shite
Ashita wa dame
Ashita wa golf ga aru hi dakara

The phone starts ringing in the morning
Somewhere a child starts crying
Why are you crying

A receipt was sent
My appointment was cancelled
And finally you leave home

Why am I so sad
If we love each other so much
Why is the world so sad
I have a stomachache again

On the phone mother complains
Why are you so cold of late
Can we talk about this some other time

Why am I so sad
If we love each other so much
I always remember
You were so young
I wasn't so tired
We dreamt together
It's true that
We're not that old now

Brother on the phone begs me
Could you spare me some money
Can we talk about this tomorrow
Tomorrow is impossible
Tomorrow I have to play golf

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