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Pizzicato Five – Domino lyrics


Kyou ha doyoubi no
Gogo san-ji sugi
Shigoto mo
Syukudai mo
Nani mo nai
Ima sugu shinakya ikenai
Daiji na koto
Nani mo nai

Telebi wo tsukeru keiba to eiga to
Itsumo no gogo no 'shoping'
Telebi wo keshite toriaezu ima
Nani wo shitai ka kangaeru

'pizza' ga tabetai

Itsumo doyoubi no yoru ha dokoka
Asobi ni iku kedo
Mou akita
Ima sugu aitai hito mo
Ikitai tokoro
Kitai fuku mo
Nani mo nai

Denwa wo kakeru onna-tomodachi
Ki no au baka na otomodachi
Hito ban-jyuu 'sofa' no ue
Shaberi tsudukete omoi dasu

'pizza' no nokori

Kyou wa nichiyoubi
Asa no jyuuji
Shigoto mo
Shukudai mo
Nani mo nai
Imasugu shinakya ikenai
Daiji na koto
Nani mo nai

Televi wo tsukeru 'anime' to 'news' to
Itsumo no baka na 'shoping'
Televi wo keshite kyou wa ichinichi
Nani wo shiyou to kangaeru

now it's saturday
After 3: 00 P. M.
I have no labor
No homework or so
I have nothing
I have to do now
Precious things, too

Turn on the tv, horse race, movie
And that old afternoon shopping channel
Turn off the tv, thinking
What do I really want to do right now?

I wanna eat pizza

Always I go out
On saturday night but
I'm sick of it
I have noone I want to see
Nowhere I want to go
And nothing I want to wear

My girlfriend who calls up
My special silly friend
Talking all night on the sofa
And remember there is

Leftover pizza

Now it's sunday
10: 00 A. M.
I have no work
No homework
Nothing I have to do
No special thing
I have nothing

Turn on the tv, animation, news
And that old stupid shopping channel
Turn off the tv, I wonder
What I'll do today?

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