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Phish – Bug lyrics

There've been times when I wander
And times when I don't
Concepts I'll ponder
And concepts I won't ever see
God isn't one of these
Former or latter
Which did you think I meant
It doesn't matter to me

Bug, It doesn't matter

(Don't need it)

Bug, It doesn't matter

(Don't need it)

Bug, it doesn't matter

(Thoughts faded)

Bug, it doesn't matter


Gold in my hand
In a country pool
Standing and waving
The rain, wind on the runway
Spending or saving
Credit or debt
Which did you think I meant
Nothing I see can be taken from me

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    #1: the smallness and insignificant (yet comforting) feeling of being a tiny speck/creature awash in a vast ocean of existence.
    Anastasio's drug use, now public - lifts the taboo that the song couldn't possibly have another meaning:
    #2: Possible Double meaning: Bug - meaning to withdraw from heroin/morphine "bugging out"
    -e. G. "gold in my hand... in a [country] pool" - refers to the appearance of cooked liquid heroin in a spoon that one holds in their hand.
    -"spending or saving, credit or debt"
    -"It doesn't matter" - the junky mantra, alternatively also said genuinely to mean that using the drug is useless and doesn't matter:.
    It's "over-rated"
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