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Phi-Life Cypher – Drop Bombs + lyrics

Yo, Philly, here to bring trouble

Yo, Life, here to bring trouble

Here to bring trouble, who do you see?

(Si Philly)

I be the interactual, factual verbal supernatural

Thinking be lateral because my mind be immatchable

Never been catchableI'm causing ---

Lyrical flow spitting purer then Perrier water when I slaughter

Leave you decapitated from the shit that I created

Leaving your battle scene obliterated

Niggas be devastated by my verbal masochism

Attacking them like a laser-guided missile bringing their dismissal

The rhyme cluster like a funker buster blasting up Israel

A twenty point climb up on the richter scale

Smoke joints while I manipulate pressure points

Fracture a rapper and here the crack of bone disjoints

Force more thought techniques when Philly speaks

Fully tweaks when I'm spitting my verbal figure of speech

And I reach, the parts that other rappers couldn't manage

My lyrical lethal weapon be giving your body damage

Yo philly, Verbal fight and drop bombs

Yo, Life, Verbal fight and drop bombs

Yo philly, Verbal fight and drop bombs

Yo, Life, Verbal fight and drop bombs


Yo I bounce over beats like jeeps do over gravel stones

Use wack Mcs as stepping stones to get to microphones

Smoke herb in Rizla cones and when I get stoned

My rhymes start spinning like a typhoon, hurricane, cyclone

My style is Fort Knox and got more 'locks than a Rasta

And Hiyahiyahoo I be the rap kung-fu master

I'm British like airways, so step like stairways

Cos I'm busting more skill than Tiger Woods on the fairways

With a queue of rap fools who need to go back to rap school

With their two many rhymes cos I got lyrics by the sackfull

Lyrically smash you and grab you and stab you

Try to take your liberty with me on the mic like a statue

I flex like the funkmaster rock like the raider

My lyrics swears like tounnge strong and cut like the creator

Smooth like CL I aint no gangster I'm a guru

Kool like Keith when I drop the pronouns the verbs and the plurals

Make more grams than Puba ---

Smoke more herb than Canibus trust that's when I'm a Redman

Mos Def and the li Flow in any Company

Heavy like D fat like Joe make you Run like DMC

I be the master like P, of any ceremony

Have a Wu-Tang brother saying Life, U-God not me

Bruck up your Ras like Clarts with more effects than Darts

My style is bigger than Ainsley, Foxy Nature and Nas

Life will astonish ya

Bigger than Daddy Kane and the punisher

More Method than any Man and out to make many grams

Yo philly, Verbal fight and drop bombs

Yo, Life, Verbal fight and drop bombs

Yo philly, Verbal fight and drop bombs

Yo, Life, Verbal fight and drop bombs

Your..... Technique......... Is ........... Magnificent...

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