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Phantom Of The Opera – Hannibal lyrics

This trophy
From our saviors
From our saviors
From the enslaving force
Of Rome!

With feasting and dancing and song
Tonight in celebration
We greet the victorious throng
Returned to bring salvation

The trumpet of carthage resound
Hear, Romans, now and tremble
Hark to our step on ground
Hear the drums!
Hannibal comes!

Sad to return
To find the land we love
Threatened once more
By Roma's far-reaching grasp

(All spoken)
Monsieur Reyer:
Gentlemen, gentlemen--

Monsieur Lefevre:
Rehearsals, as you can see, are underway for a new production on Chalumeau's Hannibal

Monsieur Reyer:
Monsieur Lefevre, I am rehearsing!

Monsieur Lefevre:
Monsieur Reyer, Madame Giry...
... Ladies and gentlemen, please, if I could have your attention, thank you. As you know, for some weeks there have been rumors of my imminent retirement. I can now tell you that these are all true...

Carlotta: (interrupting)

Lefevre: (Continued) And it is my pleasure to introduce you to the two gentlemen who now own the Opera Populaire: Monsieur Richard Firmin and Monsieur Gilles Andre. I'm sure you have read of their recent fortune in the Junk business.

Andre: Scrap metal, actually.

Meg:(Whispering to Christine) They must be rich.

Monsieur Firmin:
And we are deeply honored to introduce our new patron,

Monsieur Andre:
The Vicomte de Chagny

Christine: It's Raoul. Before my father died at the house by the sea...I guess you could say we were childhood sweethearts. He called me Little Lotte.

Meg: Christine, he's so handsome.

My parents and I are honored to support all the arts, especially the world-renowned Opera Populaire.

Monsieur Lefevre:
Vicomte, gentlemen, Signora Carlotta Giudicelli, our leading soprano for five seasons.

Brava! Brava!

Monsieur Lefevre:
Signor Ubaldo Piangi

An honor signor. I believe I am keeping you from your rehearsal. I will be here this evening to share your great triumph. My apologies, monsieur.

Monsieur Reyer:
Thank you, monsieur le Vicomte!
Once more if you please, signor


He love me. He love me. Love me, love me, love me.


He wouldn't recognize me.


He didn't see you.


If you please, Monsieur.

(The ballet continues)

Madame Giry:
We take particular pride in the excellence of our ballet, monsieur

Monsieur Andre:
I see why.
Especially that little blond angel.

Madame Giry:
My daughter, Meg Giry

Monsieur Firmin:
And that exceptional beauty
No relation, I trust?

Madame Giry:
Christine Daae.
Promising talent, Monsieur Firmin,
Very promising.

Monsieur Andre:
Daae, did you say?
No relation to the Famous Swedish Violinist?

Madame Giry:
His only child.
Orphaned at 7 when she came to live and train in the ballet dormitories.

Monsieur Firmin:
An orphan, you say?

Hannibal's Friends!

The trumpeting elephant sound
Hear, Romans, now and tremble
Hark to their step on the ground
Hear the drums!
Hannibal comes!

(all spoken)
All day!
All they want is the dancing!

Monsieur Lefevre:
Well, the Vicomte is very excited about tonight's gala.

I hope he is as excited about dancing girls as your new managers,
Because I will not be singing!

Monsieur Andre:
What do we do?

Monsieur Lefevre:
Grovel, grovel.

Monsieur Firmin:

Monsieur Andre:
Principessa Bella Diva!

Carlotta: Si! Si! Si!

Monsieur Firmin:
Goddess of song!

Monsieur Andre:
Monsieur Reyer, isn't there a rather marvelous aria for Elissa in Act. 3 of Hannibal?

Monsieur Firmin:
Perhaps the signora--

Yes, Yes, But, no!
Coz' I 'ave not my costume for Act. 3,
Coz' (shouting at someone) someone not finish it!
And I 'ate my hat
No, that's better (laughs)
If my managers command!
Monsieur Reyer?

Monsieur Reyer:
If my diva commands?

Yes, I do.

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