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Petra – All The King's Horses lyrics

Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Revelation 19: 11-21

It's an age-old score that's got to be settled
It's an age-old debt that's got to be paid
When the King breaks through in all of His glory
To claim His throne and the world that He made
The nations wait with their armies gathered
With Jerusalem firmly under their thumbs
There will be no peace in Armageddon valley
Till the trumpet sounds and the cavalry comes
When He arrives He will conquer them all
Take back the ground given after the fall

All the King's horses and all the King's men
Gonna ride down from heaven from where they've been
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Gonna put this world back together again
Gonna put this world back together

On a great white horse the King will come riding
He's the One they call Faithful and True
With His eyes of fire and blood dipped clothing
He had a name nobody else knew

And by His side ride the armies of heaven
Dressed in linen clean and white as the snow
Riding down to earth with a vengeance so holy
For a one-day battle that will trample their foe
And when the dust and the smoke disappears
The King will reign for a thousand years

When the lion lays down with the lamb
There'll be peace in the land of Abraham
They will beat their swords into plows
When every tongue declares and every knee bows

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    I'm thinking that the "age-old score" probably refers to something by bach, or possibly handel.
    The cavalry obviously puts the date of the song sometime after the mid-13th century when the chinese invented horses (or gunpowder - whatever it was that they invented). The "name nobody else knew" is tough, though - "nobody else" relative to who? It depends on who it was that did know.
    With the "lion lays down with the lamb" part, it could be referring to "the land of abraham" (as in the people that live in the land of abraham), or it could be referring to the lions and lambs that beat the swords into plows. It's really ambiguous.
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