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Petey Pablo – Tha Come Up lyrics

[Petey Pablo]
Getcha money, it's tha come up
Nada nada, get the whole thing
Do it big.. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

[Petey Pablo]
Time is tickin', with a hole in the hourglass
Startin' guns, been five
And I ain't tryin to come in last
Ain't no need for me to be upset
And ain't no need for you to be mad
If a man got his own pad
And whether he want forty-karat
He gonna have to do that there, prove yourself
The greed words, you had that there
What a dream, he would always had
And it ain't right, but that's the way it is
In this life, you don't get to deal
You can climb to the roulette wheel
I want something I can leave my kids
The memories of what they wish their daddy had did
If I could leave them all a couple of mill
And show em how this cruel world can really get the best of a nigga
I'd show em life through the eyes of a demon
The only thing that matters is the root of all evil

[Chorus-Sunshine Anderson (Petey Pablo)]
Getcha money made (getcha meoney), it's tha come up (it's tha come up)
Not a little bit (nada nada), get the whole thing (get the whole thing)
Gotta do it big (do it big), to sum it up (yeeaaaaaaa)
We just wanted it, tha come up
[This time through added libs by Sunshine Anderson]
Getcha money made (getcha meoney), it's tha come up (it's tha come up)
Not a little bit (nada nada), get the whole thing (get the whole thing)
Gotta do it big (do it big), to sum it up (yeeaaaaaaa)
We just wanted it, tha come up

[Petey Pablo]
I aint got time to be bothered with ya'll
I got a hundred problems and there's only one way I'm gonna solve em
I'm gonna have to get my grind on
Hustlin' and using my muscle tryin to bring the prize home
I ain't the only nigga with issues and I know that
But I ain't concerned with nobody's issues by mine Jack
I invented jail, invited(??) em back
Hell, I'm still in that
The only thing left now is six feet of cold black
Flower bringin' and church singin'
In a grave stiffed up and stankin'
And you can tell that I've been thinkin' can't cha(can't cha)
Now maybe you can understand my anger
And while I'm still out there candy slangin'
And while I'm out there, chasin' them banks
And why I gotta smoke a pound of dank
You never know when your day gonna be your last day
Better get this money when it should've been made (maaade)


[Petey Pablo]
I'm sorry it had to come to this (to this)
I know I'm really disrespecting your family members
That really love to care
It ain't ya'll, cause ya'll know me better than this
I guess it's just the way that I'm is
And maybe I'm a deadbeat kid
Maybe I really don't deserve to live
Maybe they should have gave me life in prison
Only takin' what they give me
Cause out here, I'm stuck in menace
Cause out here, I'm a threat to niggas
I'm like smokin' and pumpin' gas
Light the fire loose to the filter (whew)
You don't feel the vibe we givin'
Cause if you'd did, you'd done been the hell up
You'd done been stickin' ahead of your business
You'd of been, shittin' embarrassed to hit me
You'd of been, sent them boys to get me
Nah ah ah
And I don't repent cause I ain't that nigga
And anything I done, I meant it (you meant it, you meant it)

[Chorus:] 2X

[Sunshine Anderson]
Getch yo money made
Getch yo money made

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