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Petey Pablo – Roll Off lyrics

Who rang my phone?
That boy gon be a singer one day for real

Naw man get serious for a minute

I said
And I said
And I said
'cause he told me, 'cause he told me, 'cause he told me

Why should I worry about what people say?
When they gon talk about me anyway
They gon make up all sort of thangs
I just got to be the bigger man
And let it roll off
The talk don't bother me
I believe in me if nobody else does
And let it roll off
Just like the water on the feather of a duck's back, yeah, I said

You know it probably wouldn't worry me so much
If I was out there and behind closed doors
I was what they call caught up
Stealin donkin and drugs, livin reckless
And takin advantage of all I worked so damn hard for
Really needed help, but afraid to ask
Lonely, depressed, or just needed someone else
On the verge of givin up, paranoid, scared
Totally overlookin how much I been blessed
How could you understand what you say they said
And most of all why they said it, and I just nod my head
When you wrong you're wrong, I'll admit it
I'll confess to anything if I did it
But to spread unnecessary lies, I don't get it
How could you find enjoyment in my business?
You know what, forget it
Talk my nigga
If you wasn't talkin about me, I probably miss ya


Petey doin this, Petey doin that
I seen Petey here, but what he doin there?
Why you don't come and ask
It aint gon make me mad
I respect that more than you doin it like you have.
Botherin my family scarin them to death
Why you talking to them about me
When you can talk to me yourself
I might blast back, lose it
And tear into your ass
Or I could be a man about it
And talk and clear the air
But you don't never know that 'cause you won't take the chance
What that mean? You missin somethin in the crotch of your pants
He can make me laugh
'cause sometime the story can be so outrageous
Can't say nothing but damn
You know what I really am?
Beyond that
Her momma told me somethin one day
And I ain't forgot it
If they scared to my lie to my Heavenly Father's precious name
Then who am I to complain?


I don't care, go head
Stop, get away from here
Leave me alone, leave me alone
Leave me alone, leave me alone
I don't care, go head
Stop, get away from here
Leave me alone, leave me alone
Leave me alone, leave me alone

The rumors you spread don't bother me
The lies you tellin don't bother me
I thought about it
And I wouldn't be no better than you

I don't care, go head
Stop, get away from here
Leave me alone, leave me alone
Leave me alone, leave me alone

[Hook x2]

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