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Perrion – Drillin' lyrics

For the young wild niggas
Looking for another way out 'cause this strap should have..
Moving forward from a gun child figure
And I don't have to pull another trigger if I move from the hood
With this rules, wanna take what's mine, take my shine,
Third eyes so I can't go blind,
Stay sneak about the life of a young kid,
Living in the city where they much pretty and they ride
For they can't for got their back,
.. Different nigga wanna try what's next,
From.. Thinking I'll never stay on me,
But your child that was down aint' need no..
'Cause the kill.. For their own kill
Mama ain't home more time, so they gotta get their own mills,
It seems 'bout the rap life, living in the chop life,
Do the under plumy, 'cause they young and they black, right
So fuck it, I'ma ride,
Try to stay clean I ain't fucking with no type,
But different nigga unrespect the click,
And put the fucking beat try to make no sad the tie,
Fuck the government I can never..
But they fuck.. Nigga fuck that school
.. I'll be.. That school, take your.. To provide
For the fame, for the money, I obtain, I oblige
To Dope fins, dope fins, more money more problem copin
But all the boys in my city got me throw away
Through gotta stay alive so I'm supposed to
Speak from the heart got your vocals
Tryin to go worldwide. F*cl local
'cause ain't nothing here but death all around,
So motherfucker gotta stay soulful bitch.

We gotta stay strong
Keep your muthafucker hands up

So nigga spit your game, talk your flop
Can't fuck with this real hood, shit dough.
Shit your game, talk your flop,
Can't fuck with this real hood, shit dough.

Gotta stay alive in the city with the skinny nigga drop
Drive by for five, see me in the side,
Fuck that we need piece, living in the belly and the beast
But fuck nigga still don't eat, huh,
But still don't eat, still living and put lyrics on the beat
Still living in the white man,
Girl still hanging niggas gotta get upon their feet
Before we stop the reaving no Paris item nigga can't be reaching
Got no kids to feed em, now give them a reason,
Nigga go blast that pieces like war in the Middle East,
Fuck that is war in the middle West, gotta stay blessed see a nigga stressed
'cause I hang a nigga want a symbol out of chest,
Which you think best believe you gonna invest
In the chopper, in the west, happen if you test,
Could you break it down and they tell em..
Tryin' to make more 'cause they left em for less
Left em for death no tell em what's next
In the.. Time we have em for death
Try to city limit so they ain't tryin the best
Just find the way out but the murder kept it all
With the city kept for you, with the capital..


So nigga spit your game, talk your flop
Can't fuck with this real hood, shit dough.
Shit your game, talk your flop,
Can't fuck with this real hood, shit dough.

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