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Pay No Respect – Suffer, Deny lyrics

You try to tear me down
You try to tear me down this time
Your fucking lies, you live your life, your life in Discontent
Taking what I don't have

Everyday is a struggle
To show you what I am
No matter what we do
You push your knife
And twist the truth

Wounds will heal
To rise again

I won't break
So try again

Everyday I become stronger
Learning from your mistakes
Now it's time for you to pay
Your blood is all it takes
My blade (My blade), your blood (Your blood)
I spilled my guts
Now this is my revenge
We bleed it true
Now this is our revenge

Suffer deny
Your lies they die

Blood is on your hands not mine
Now it's time to watch you fucking
Suffer this time
The ropes around your neck not mine
They lied

Suffer deny
Your lies they die
Suffer deny
Our time this time

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