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Paul Wall – U Already Know lyrics

Boys in the hood 'bout making that pay
Stay underground (on the grind) every day all day
They don't say much but they mean what they say
What they mind on the money and the game don't play

(50/50 Twin)
When the base going down better protect ya neck
Boys steady dripping when they gone off the wet, cuz
Ya better swallow ya project
They have you scared to throw up ya hood on ya own set, cuz
I'm talking bout those boys running from cops
They don't run they mouth, they too busy running they block
Ya better be fast thinking you can run from a glock
Snap, crackle, pop soon as you run up you get dropped
I know boys with out guns that'll still come jack you
Have you running from your car before they even attack you
If you scared you better not show it at all
Put a mug upon ya face like you ready to brawl
I know boys that's unemployed still working that work, patna (partner)
Curiosity will get boys hurt
You didn't see nothing, you didn't hear nothing, you don't know nothing
Spill ya beans they ready to blow something

Oh no
When the lights off on the block
Don't go
Boys on the corner with glocks
Don't go
When ya hear shots in the parking lot
Don't go
It's about to go down

It's Koopa
Listen, here lizard, lizard, lizard
Say ya cocking and popping it
Say that ya glock a get
Unloaded leaving wet and suck in wash it get
Some nigga loading eject bullets like floppy disc
Some niggas talk like they will but they the opposite
Thugs and thieve with a dozen keys
Serve quarterpounders that don't come with cheese
Hustles breath with love with g's
And know they telling lies when they see the judge and plead
You honor it wasn't me he get lock
And as soon as ya boy get hot
He start right where he stopped
Can't go on the block with a knot in ya sock and don't glock
Without making by way to getting got or get shot
Oh no
If ya scared to represent ya ghetto
Then don't throw
Up ya hood at all you ain't raw
Its going' show
We don't recognize real heated right
Just a little advice for the niggas living that life

Oh no
When the lights off on the block
Don't go
Boys on the corner with glocks
Don't go
When ya hear shots in the parking lot
Don't go
It's about to go down

(50/50 Twin)
I eat and sleep and shit and pour gin
My block be hotter than some muthafuckin pork skins
Ignore twin cause I be having attitudes
Ain't no such thing as gratitude on my avenue
Attitude adjustment we all need
I pray to lord two inch starters will in me
Come from the heart that's why boys are feeling me
I den whipped up soft and brought back some orgies
This is for my niggas in the jail, my niggas on probation
Knowing if they violate what kind of time they face
Hustling anyway minimum wage ain't nathin
You want cash right now, huh, fuck being patient
Live life every day like it's yo last day
Smoke some weed

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